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Massage Services


60 Minute Services: 
$50 (60 minutes, 90 Minutes $100)
 Swedish Massage: which is your relaxation massage.  With this type of massage, any tight, sore and knotted up muscles get relaxed without using deep pressure.
$70 (60 minutes, 90 minutes $120)
  Deep Tissue: With  this type of massage you get all of your tight, sore and achy muscles treated with a deep pressure using compression treatments and more. 

$85 (60 minutes, 90 minutes $140)
   Nuromuscular: Also known as trigger point therapy. Consists of a concentrated pressure for areas that have frequent spasms. Using a firm pressure in the same location for up to 30 seconds or more. Also, uses a lymphatic type of drainage technique. 

   $70 (30 minutes, 60 Minutes $90)
   Myo Fascial: The release of soft tissues. Can be aggressive. 

$100 (60 minutes, 90 minutes $180)
   Deep Tissue Thai: The client must be dressed in gym or stretchable clothing because some of the stretching are compromising. With DTT, there will be a lot of stretching with the use of medium to deep pressure.